May The 4th Be With You... and the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th.....

STAR WARS FANS.... i've only gone and popped a wee exhibition up in R:Cade Glasgow!

welcome to the bark side



Launching on the 4th the exhibition is in collaboration with Mark who's composite photos of Star Wars in Glasgow are infamous! 

R:cade is an amazing place, it's got games, it's got shooty things, it's got guitar hero, it's got noodles, it's got crafts, and it's got crabs (seriously there's a game called crabs). It's got everything you want for a fun wee evening and I highly recommend you give it a go though watch out, the games can get quite addictive - My brother nearly took Mark out wrestling to get crabs. yup, that's my brother everyone. 

Don't forget there's prints on sale, both A3 and a4 along with some cute little 'I love you, i know' originals of which there are only 10! 

Visit the R:cade website here.

The exhibition is running till the end of May, no excuses... go visit and have a game or two while you're there!