You are gold, GOLD!

Always believe in your souuuuulll.

Oh Finetec, I love you. 

I finally caved and bought some of the finetec inks and OH. MY. DAYS... it was worth it. 

In my order was the 6 pack, an extra rose gold ink, a Brause Rose nib, Zebra G nib and a new oblique holder with a metal flange. What a treat! I immediately sat down and started working out what to do. These little ink blocks need to be wet then you paint the ink into your nib rather than dipping into a pot. It's a bit time consuming but oh so worth doing. Just look at this glorious ink!

Finetec Ink 2
Finetec Ink

It's probably best not to talk too much about how many pens there are there, those are the ones i use regularly. The rest are in the drawers... eep!

You can see I really couldn't wait to get stuck in!

Behind the scenes